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Not so good news, and some great news | Zopa

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It is a little sad that we see Zopa US close shop apparently following the participating Credit Unions inability to adequately fund the loans.  We had always known the US Zopa was an entirely different model, with the Credit Unions being the sole lenders, and then the credit crisis came along.  Nonetheless we will miss them.

Zopa US

So while our model is doing very well in current market conditions, the US has been adversely affected in a way that just couldn’t have been predicted when we launched in the US and is no way the fault of our partners. For us, a real shame is that we weren’t able to launch the original model over there for regulatory reasons.

On a related not Zopa UK is showing double digit increases in volume since the credit crisis hit, reflecting all our belief, that the time is ripe for consumers who are seeking financial alternatives.

P2P lender Zopa reports soaring uptake as credit crunch bites | finextra

Zopa says that between July and September an average of 3700 borrowers joined per month, compared to 2500 a month in the previous quarter.

Explaining the surge, Sarah Kennedy, head, customer proposition, Zopa says: “Clearly the tightened lending criteria at the banks is helping to drive borrowers to look for alternatives.”

Written by amwatts

October 9, 2008 at 7:26 pm

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